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Lineage Seeds seed pots are made from hand-dug, New Mexican, micaceous clay. After being cleaned, the clay is thrown on a wheel and seed pots are formed. The newly made seed pots are then wood fired in a pit atop cottonwood bark and aspen shavings. Once cool and clean, the seed pots are filled with organically grown seeds and a hand-written scroll with the variety name and history of growers before you. All seeds are organically grown by Lineage Seed founder, Jared Hagood, or a farmer within our lineage.

Stored at room temperature, the seed can maintain viability anywhere from 3 years to several hundred years. Archeologists have found seed pots in caves and tombs across the world. Every Lineage Seed Pot and the seed that fill them are completely unique.

Bolita Bean/Dry Bean
Original close lineage to 1500 year old New Mexico cave beans. Very attractive, high yielding half runner. Plants mature a little later than pintos and blacks here in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Anasazi (Ancient Pueblo) Rainbow Flour Corn

This Great ancient lineage flour corn is outstanding in so many ways. Seeds are directly from northern New Mexico cave findings where it was first grown by Gabriel Howearth from Seeds of Change and now Siempre Semillas in Baja and mainland Mexico. Plants grow strong to 7' producing beautiful multicolored soft starch kernals. Makes excellent corn bread and pancakes. One of the oldest varieties in north America. Very well adapted in the Rocky Mountain Region and temperate climates

Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon 

This a truly great Watermelon bred and selected by the David and Linda Podoll from South Dakota. A fantastic cross between an early maturing Canadian variety and the infamous Southern Black Diamond-- resulting in an absolutely delicious large, roundish, early maturing, (85 days) watermelon of the highest quality! Fruits are almost identical to Crimson Sweet. Wow. Sweet Dakota Rose is a truly great open pollinated cultivar.