Collection: Jade Rivera - Lima, Peru

Jade Rivera captures the transience of life, but enriches everyday experiences with the joy of discovery through his street art pieces especially, and also his thought-provoking paintings, highlighting the power of faith in dreams and the emotion of reconnecting with nature, origins and ourselves to achieve a higher level of consciousness and responsibility regarding all that surrounds us, all that we as human beings create, build together and must guard in order to preserve and generate value.

This state, often of contemplation, conveys a sense of calmness that the artist chooses to depict in his children characters, in their non-verbal language – the gaze, the gestures and body postures. Either asleep or engaged in journeys where they meet their fears and prove fearless, they finally find a home in the heart of the forest or by the ocean, hiding behind the rocks or present on the city walls to launch a dialogue, address certain problems and pose questions.

The characters show both sadness and hope, struggle and peace, restlessness and a sense of belonging, as well as strength in the belief of growth and the chance of awakening, moving forward as life speeds up its pace leaving dreams, memories and few traces behind.

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    Jade Rivera
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