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“When you give freedom to a drawing, an idea or a feeling, it flies on its own, without the control of your mind, or your fears, or your barriers. The magical thing is that wherever he goes he will take you with him.”
Sandra was born in Lima, but her life has been characterized by constant change and movement. From a very young age, she found a form of expression in art.
SHe grew up in Quito, moved to Lima to study Primary Education. She worked as a teacher in schools in Lima and Urubamba focusing on transmitting her passion for art and nature. Looking for new forms of expression, she decided to take a creative writing and writing course for children in Madrid. 3 years ago he decides to return to Madrid in search of a new adventure, this time taking digital illustration courses. He currently lives in Lima, where he dedicates himself exclusively to his work, which presents a mixture of traditional and digital techniques.
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  • Blouses - Botanical design - 100% cotton
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